Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Long Absence but Still Seeing On

Oh my.  It has been more than a year since I sat down and typed out a post.  Certainly there are the usual reasons - job got busy - two hour daily commute - family things - I'm getting older and really, really need to incorporate a bit of exercise into each day - I could go on and on...

But I also found myself feeling less excited about taking photographs.  I had learned all my camera settings, learned them well enough even to teach a couple of photography classes.  I could take okay pictures, but I had done enough shooting and editing to realize how much work goes into really fantastic images and I found I really didn't enjoy spending lots of time in Photoshop.

I've been continuing to participate on DPChallenge since it does keep my brain in the creative world, although my goal has transitioned from trying to create shiny, winning images more towards figuring out how to capture images that either evoke a bit of emotion or that tell a story.

This was my first real success.

I've learned that moody weather can make for interesting photographs, so I went out driving right after some rain one day.  The electrical towers and the surrounding farm land caught my eye - it my image that included the road, which I just took by happenstance, that was my favorite.  (I had other photos from the other side of the road closer up to the towers, photos I expected to be stronger, but this image really screamed RURAL SOUTH DAKOTA to me, and I found that exciting since I rarely get excited about the fact I do live somewhere so rural.)

Here was another I captured on my way home from work in the fog one day.

There haven't been many other successes yet.  Sometimes I still just go with something fun and a bit off the wall. (I took the image below for a challenge called "Portrait in Minimal".  I do not have a studio, I don't have easy access to kids or models, and the tiny city I live in isn't full of great street photography opportunities.  So I figured what was more minimal than an outline of a face.  True it wasn't a winner, but I still think it's an interesting image.)

So despite my absence here, my quest to 'See On' continues.  Just at a slower pace and with a bit more deliberation to the process.

See on,

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