Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 4, 2013. Stunning sunset. Slightly less stunning photos.


So I might need to do some reading to increase my knowledge on how to properly identify art.  The fabulous, bright yellow, metal sculpture that I photographed with excitement in Ohio was, apparently, a snow plow blade.


I really did not see that coming. 

Perhaps I can blame the lack of glasses - I misplaced mine right before my trip.  They might have allowed me to read the sign on the building that said 'maintenance'.   But it also turned out that I actually had one contact in that I thought had fallen out - from my eye appointment also right before I left.   It was supposed to be a daily contact, and I poked myself in the eye a bunch of times trying to get it out and since it was invisible I was just sure it fell out in the shower.  But with the one contact in I was actually able to see quite well so possibly I really just wasn't thinking very hard the evening before I left Ohio and found the yellow wonder.

(Honestly I am not entirely sure even the word "maintenance" would have helped my brain solve the mystery.)

But thanks for helping me out.

Saturday I came down with a migraine, so slept much of the afternoon away.  However, my kind husband agreed to take me out driving in the evening, and we pulled off at a small lake as we saw the sun setting.

There were pelicans and cranes, but none flew right where I wanted them at the right time.  I still got a nice shot of the sunset, despite lack of cooperation from the wild birds. 

Here was my first shot right at the start of sunset.

Here is about five minutes later.  (Zoomed in to 300 mm since I was trying to capture a picture of the bird.)

There is one bird, low near the water.  Disappointingly not the spectacular shot I was hoping for.  At one point a ton of small, black birds flew through the scene, but I still did not manage to capture anything noteworthy.

But I felt happy just for being outside and taking photos on such a pretty evening.

See on.

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