Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 31, 2013. Toledo.

So I am now in Toledo. Hotel is literally one block from the airport which is fabulous since I have an early flight.

I tried to visit Barnes & Noble but the building has been torn down.  Google location even knew that on the 'locations' screen. But Google maps was happy to direct me to a giant, overgrown, concrete lot.

I decided to be content with filling up my rental car, then heading to the hotel early to read more of Lisa Lutz's new book.
But outside of the hotel were two items I liked enough to photograph:  1) A mysterious sculpture/display outside of some mysterious store and 2) a pretty flower wet from a rain. 

Plus I tried to check out the soil to fill a request to see if it was red dirt. But I could not find any spot with a good view of the dirt and I really didn't want to dig and end up being questioned about what I was doing.(Plus it was raining and so I really did not explore all that long. Sorry Rose. But the dirt I saw looked just like South Dakota dirt).

See on.

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