Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Post 134. Oh my all the flowers!

So I have been a bit stuck in a rut creatively.  I've been working on a scrapbook from my China trip, and that has taken a fair amount of time.  But I still haven't felt particularly excited or compelled to go look for fun or interesting photos.

I've been walking by the community gardens fairly regularly and just convinced myself there were no pretty flowers there this year.  (Was this some new city rule?  Or was our winter so long that it was too late to grow flowers when planting could finally occur so nobody planted flowers?)

Turned out that when I really walked through the gardens that there were a bunch of flowers.  My brain had just apparently not really looked. 

Plus there were these fabulous, dual-colored flowers that I had never seen before.  LOVED THEM!

A whole mix of color and happiness.

 So regal!

Such fun to capture all that color. 

I am trying to get brave enough to attempt photos for the DPChallenge.  I know I don't have the skills to win, or even submit to some of the challenges.  (My photoshop skills are pretty basic, but I suppose even there I could play around and improve.)  But goodness, they have several photo challenges a week, and often they are interesting ideas.  Maybe...

Stop and enjoy the view of your local gardens. 

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