Friday, July 19, 2013

Post 132. Back at the lake.

I've once again found my photo mojo dwindling.  I have been experimenting with other creative play, and have taken photos, but am struggling to come up with much for posting.  Perhaps I can blame it on the summer heat.  (The bedroom is on the upper level which means it doesn't get great air conditioning, so my sleep suffers even more than usual when the temperatures get above 85.)

But this evening the weather was beautiful.  My husband was disappointed that I wasn't up for loading up the kayaks and heading out to paddle.  But I'm tired after long, hard days at work and don't really enjoy waiting until 9 pm or later for dinner.  However I did perk up after supper and so we headed out to the lake just to sit and read. 

And I spent a bit playing with my camera. 

I love dragonflies.  I seem to have missed the season with the giant dragonflies that come through our area, but these blue guys are great.  Dragonflies seem to like people, these would sit on the branch and let me and my camera get about a foot away.

(A few weeks ago there was the perfect sunset, where the sun went down right at the end of the dock.  But there was someone pulling in their boat the whole time the sun went down.  Tragic.  I tried again today, but the result was not as neat.)

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