Thursday, July 25, 2013

Post 135. The Road.

My life took an exciting turn this week in the form of a job offer.  I've been looking for some time, hoping to move into a job that more closely matches the kind of work I have found that I love.  And low and behold, lightening struck and there the job was.

Now to be perfectly honest I am a little nervous.  I am a solid chemist with strong analytical skills and the ability to run any chemical test out there as long as I am allowed a bit of time to practice the method.  I am now veering off the beaten path, into a bit of an unknown. 

I know in my heart I can and will perform spectacularly.  But I also know there will be a lot of quick learning and hard work at the beginning so I can feel that I am contributing my best. 

Plus change is always a bit scary right?  I'm leaving a few people who feel like family.  Although my new office is only three blocks away, so there are always lunch breaks.

So as a tribute to the coming unknown, today I photographed a country road. 

Here is the view of the road behind me.  (There were some moments of dark skies, a little rain, and just a few small bumps.  But much of it was smooth sailing straight ahead using skills I learned in graduate school.)

And next what I hope is the road ahead. A bit of a downhill as I dive into work I am passionate about. Maybe some small bumps as I continue to learn and grow, and probably a continued veering slightly off the traditional chemistry career path.

See on.

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