Thursday, May 8, 2014

Looking for symmetry.

Two photo challenges in one week have dealt with symmetry.  It was a topic I was fairly excited about, although I was a little unsure where to start.

But here is where I ended up:

I love it!

This photo came about because I happened to glance up at the mantel while watching TV tonight.  The mantel is where we put cards we get over the year.  Last week a cat had knocked all of the cards off, and I had picked them up and just stacked them flat, back up on the mantel.  A Valentine's Day card had the ribbon hearts that you see, and they were dangling from the mantel and all of a sudden I saw this beautiful symmetry.  (I have learned that the trick to great pictures is often beauty and fabulous lighting.)  So I spent about an hour playing around with those hearts.

Unfortunately, for the DPChallenge crowd there is too much processing in the photo I posted, and since the sharpness of the front heart was not quite as nice as I would have liked, I'll have to do a little more shooting tomorrow.

My first shot with symmetry was at the lake.  I guess all I can say it that indeed there is symmetry.

This next shot was my attempt at some abstract symmetry.  (The stripes are a stair rail.)

This last shot is of part of a sign at a park.

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