Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Finding wildlife. Also playing with a rubber duck.

So I have been loving the DPChallenge challenges lately - but as a result I have been neglecting my blog.  Sorry.  My efforts did earn me my first top 10 finish - so wahoo!  (Although there were only 27 entries in the challenge, so while it was still a higher score than usual for me, it is not really all that impressive of a finish).

So to catch you up with my photo activities...

A few days ago I was tromping around a bird sanctuary looking for wildlife and I had some unexpected luck. (This bird sanctuary typically has surprisingly few birds, but a few trees fell down last fall - so it was much more difficult to get back into the area - I thought perhaps I would find something somewhat unusual.)

And jackpot.

This little guy popped up just 15 feet in front of me and kept heading right towards me.  I furiously shot photos, but was a tad concerned about him getting too close, so I never dropped to his level to get a truly good shot.  But still pretty unique.

I suspect this is another mink, but that black bit on the tail has me unsure.

Here is my 'winning' shot from a rubber duck/toothbrush/rubber band/wrist watch/potato challenge.

Thank you DPChallenge.  Where else can an adult justify hauling plastic toys out to the high school track and then laying on the track for an hour moving everything around trying for just the right photo?  (I had fun!  That is pretty much the whole point of a hobby right?  If so, I am succeeding.)

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