Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Photoshop Flip and Blend.

I was reading a DPChallenge community forum a few days ago.  In that forum discussion thread a technique of 'flipping and blending' in Photoshop was explained.  I am not very strong in Photoshop, but am interested in learning and improving.  Unfortunately I tend to be fairly impatient when sitting at the computer - so learning new things, especially complicated new things, often does not end in complete success.

(I try to pretend that I am not very interested in those 'expert' Photoshop skills like putting things and people in and out of different photos.  I probably would enjoy it, if only I had the patience to sit and practice.)

But baby steps.

This flip and blend technique was only about four or five steps.  Surely that was manageable.  (I use Photoshop Elements so I usually have to google to figure out how to match the 'real' Photoshop steps to the Elements program - but usually I can find what I need.)

So here were my first attempts:

This first shot was a colored bead.  Pretty neat effect.

Next up a tree.

And a few more trees.

The same trees - but different.  I am not yet clear on how the color effects work when working with these layers.  But I did like the "lightening" between the trees. 

Finally, here is a wild combination of one of my windmill pictures.

So kind of a successful evening.  I am not sure when this effect might be useful - but maybe flipping and blending today, inserting Godzilla into the South Dakota landscape tomorrow eventually.

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