Saturday, April 26, 2014

One bloom.

Spring is coming.  Here in South Dakota it is making a S-L-O-W entrance, but it will arrive.  The greenhouses are stocked with flowers, and those few days that get above 50 degrees get me excited.

It is, however, too soon to plant gardens and pots.  Evenings can get down to freezing, and it's only been a little over a week since our last snowstorm.  (But poor northern Minnesota had a snowstorm just yesterday - we just got rain - so I do know it could be worse.)

But the coming of flower season has me longing for colorful blooms, so I bought myself a calla lily after work on Friday. They are so pretty and soft.  I had a black and white photo challenge coming up, and I thought that this lily, with its delicate stripes of color with lovely waves in the petals, might make a pretty black and white image.

I was ever so delighted in my results.  We had just enough sun that I was able to photograph in natural light, and I played with an 85mm and 105 mm lens.  Both gave me just beautiful results.

I am ever so excited for summer!

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