Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Color explosion. A break from the winter blahs.

Today my challenge was to create blur.  Winter is so gray and bland, especially now that folks have turned off all of the holiday lights, that I wanted to play with color.

So I pulled out my stash of fabric and practiced the blur technique I had tried (rather unsuccessfully) a couple of weeks ago.


I love that it appears like light is emanating from the center fabric.  That first shot came from altering the focus during exposure with my 85 mm lens.  Here was my best Lensbaby shot.  I never did nail my vision with the Lensbaby.  (But I was approaching the hour mark of photographing, and during the week I tend to run out of patience fairly quickly, and move on even if I don't get the exact shot I want.)

I also liked a few photos that were totally out-of-focus.  Such lovely spring colors - very calming.



Color on.

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