Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The odd case of pinkness in the giant mine.

Among the fabulous views I enjoyed during my weekend in the Black Hills was a giant mine in Lead.  While we had parked our car right next to the mine all weekend, large piles of snow against the fence and a sign instructing us not to climb the fence or step on the flowers to catch a view of the mine kept us from seeing anything.  (We saw people totally stepping on the non-existent flowers in the flower bed to see inside the mine, but I am kind of a rule follower so my brain strongly desired to see the mine in the manner the good folks of Lead intended.)

Finally on our last day we walked the two blocks to the viewing center and boy was it cool.  If you look closely on the snowy side, there is a fence four 'rows' up - no way would I be caught walking there!

I am still stumped as to the purpose of the mysterious pink item observed deep in the mine.  (See photo below.)  Ideas?  It sure looks like a ticket booth to me, but that's just ridiculous.

Wishing you a view of something unusual.

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