Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dancing Trees.

Today was a beautiful, sunny day.  Had it not been bitterly cold I would have had a delightful time out making photographs today.

But I braved the cold for a good two minutes at a time before scrambling back into my car to warm up.  It was darn cold.  Colder than it should be for February.

But my reward were these Lenbaby gems.  They are my dancing trees.

I could not decide which I liked better.   In the top shot there is nothing in focus, but the trees appear more 'active' to me.  In the second shot there is a tree just slightly left of center that is in focus, but the trees aren't dancing quite as much to my eyes.  But with the second shot I also got trees throughout the scene.  (I suppose I can fix that top photo to where trees fill the scene quite easily in Photoshop, there is just no time tonight.)  Both photos were taken with my Lensbaby Sweet 35.

So you decide.  Is one better?  Or maybe you like sharp photos and neither of these appeal to you.  (Sorry.)  I got a few shots with my regular lenses but I'm off the watch the Olympics - more later...

See on!

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