Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 107. Goose running for his life.

Tonight I wandered out near the lake to see how the melting was progressing.  (Finally some open water, still some ice.) Then I walked around a small area that is kind of a bird sanctuary just to see what wildlife I might be able to catch in action.

I was really hoping to find some frogs or toads, and I could hear them croaking away but they all went silent everytime I would move.  Plus, I had on work shoes rather than 'tromping through sludge' shoes, so I couldn't get all that close to where they were most likely to be.

But there were birds.  And down a slight hill, from the brush about five feet from where I stood, out popped a goose running awkardly as fast as he could.  Luckily I had my camera in speed mode knowing that the local birds freak out at the slightest hint of a person, so I got this neat photo:

Plus another black bird that was delightfully uninterested in me as I approached.

Here is Lake Kampeska today.  The ice is finally starting to melt.
The weekend is here.  Wishing you pleasant weather and views that brighten you days.
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