Monday, May 13, 2013

Post 112. The Pheasant (restaurant).

I had supper with colleagues at The Pheasant restaurant in Brookings tonight. Once we got over the disappointment of not being able to try pheasant because they were out, we had a great meal.

I had blackened walleye, my first order of walleye as a meal and it was delicious.  Then we all split some candied bacon ice cream for dessert. Yep. For real. No autocorrect issues here.  Bacon ice cream.  It was okay. The ice cream flavor was caramel, and that was good. I did not think the candied bacon added much. But hey, I tried it and my heart can thank me for not going bacon crazy.

On the way out I spotted this old player piano with some wild colored keys. We all drove in one car and I did not want to make everyone wait, so I just shot a quick photo with my phone.

But even though it may not be a gold star picture, I thought the back story was a good one.

And I did not even mention the two or three tables of loud and wild women drinking and laughing and apparently huge fans of the men playing live jazz.

It was a happening place for a Monday night in Brookings.

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