Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Post 114. The majesty of spring in South Dakota.

I think I've got a winner for you today .

It was a gorgeous May day.  My husband and I headed out to the lake to walk at 7:30 pm.  Between the calm of the lake, and the chatter of birds and frogs, I was just in heaven.  Our path was along the lake through a camping ground, along a bike trail passing part of the airport, then the bike trail veered back towards the lake.  The far end of our walk was the bird sanctuary where I've walked before. 

There is a grass, circular walking path around this wild area with a couple of ponds.  (One day I'm going to put on some waders and go in knee deep until I find some good frog shots.)  But for today we walked and chatted and I watched for photo ops.

As we turned the final curve the view was absolutely perfect.  The water was mirror calm with this awesome semi-circle tree formation with the trees mirrored in the pond and the lake behind it all.

I'll have to see how this one looks printed on photo paper, maybe it won't give me the same WOW it did on my camera screen, but I'm really happy with what I captured.  (Do you see the wooden birdhouse on the leftmost tree trunk?)

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  1. Julee, I think this shot would make a spectacular puzzle. Can you send it in to springbok, or (Buffalo Games, Inc. 220 James E. Casey Drive, Buffalo, NY 14206)? Be sure to copywrite it! Sandy