Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 106. Hazmat.

New experiences for me this week.

Yesterday morning I started out climbing too many flights of stairs to the top of grain bins to measure the empty air in the bins in the rain and sleet and wind and cold. But I had never been in a grain plant and it was neat seeing how a grain mill operated.

Today I got to get dolled up in Tyvex and a full face respirator to clean up a chemical spill.  Well, not so much a spill as a mystery reaction between highly hazardous chemicals that were being stored improperly. A reaction that grew fine, white crystals that covered one bottle and had migrated to nearby plastic bags.

Unknown crystalline substance. Fabulous. Not really.  But it was a new experience to clean up something hazardous.  Frankly I kind of loved it.

I am offering autographs of me in the outfit to my co-workers. Surely after saving the lab from certain disaster I will be famous...

Too bad cell phones weren't allowed in the grain plant. That view from 200 feet up on the grain bins was cool. But you're stuck with me in my hazmat getup.

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