Sunday, April 28, 2013

Post 105. Shots around the Lake.

Despite the  news that we are supposed to get at least one more round of snow, we are declaring it spring.  We have had several days of 50 and 60 degree temperatures, and nearly all the snow from winter is gone.  The lakes are starting to melt, and even though today was quite grey I still got some interesting pictures near Lake Kampeska.

My first sighting this year of a nice yellow-headed blackbird.  (Very pretty but kind of a let down that it's just a common blackbird.)

Awesome tree trunk.
Lake Kampeska.  There was melted water, then ice, then some really pretty light blue ice.  I thought it was neat.

Some ducks.  I'm still a bit annoyed that so much of the wildlife is so skittish.  I joked with my husband that we should have brought bread to convince the bird to stay closer, but he said he didn't these birds were tame enough to know what bread was.  And then I remembered that when I first moved out here we actually tried some bread, and yeah, they weren't the least bit interested. 

Enjoy spring.  In South Dakota springs lasts approxiately one week to ten days.  Then, if it's a typical year, we skip right to 80 and 90 degree summer days.

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