Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 96. Foggy.

Today I drove to Albert Lea, MN.  I started my drive in the rain and fog, and the fog followed me most of the drive.  This was one of those fogs where the interstate had fine visibility, so driving was no trouble, but the land right off the interstate had low visibility.

What was cool was the windmills I came upon near I-90 in Minnesota.  I could see the base of each windmill but I could only see the blades when they were in the lower positions.

This is my best shot with my camera phone. I will replace with one from my Nikon next weekend once I get home if any of those are better.

These windmills were perfectly located near an exit. I was able to exit the interstate and drive 1/4 mile so I was nice and close.  (And safely away from speeding traffic.)

See on.

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