Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 100. Holiday spirit.

A walk around town nearly always leads to some sort of photo find.  Today I found a bush, still all dressed up for the holidays, where some birds were hanging out. 

I did not get the greatest shot, but it was still kind of a fun photo.  (There is a second bird on the far left that I handily cut off - awesome - but this was still the best picture of the bunch.) 

Keep in mind it is mid-April.  Even my husband and I, procrastinators that we are, have put away our holiday decorations.  (Okay, almost all of them.  But you know, maybe the Easter bunny could have gotten confused and filled up the stockings again.)  But truly, I am a HUGE fan of sparkling lights, so I am always disappointed after about that first week in January when everybody stops turning on their holiday lights.  How much happier would the long darkness of winter be if we had bright, sparkly lights all winter long?

See on.

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