Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 95. Seagull.

The lakes now have bits of open water here and there.  There are still large areas of ice, but the open water is already being enjoyed by the wildlife.


Today I got a nice shot of a seagull, one of my favorite birds.  At first I was taking photos of them catching fish and eating, however when I got home I saw there were actually a lot of dead fish sitting right on and near the beach.  (So they really weren't fishing as much as taking advantage of a ready food source. I didn't find those picture quite as enjoyable after that.)

But I love seagulls and was very excited to find them living in South Dakota when I moved back years ago.  My previous exposure to seagulls had been on beaches in Florida, but there are plenty around both Brookings, SD and Watertown, SD.  Watertown has a couple of moderate size lakes, so that makes sense.  But there really isn't any water source to speak of in Brookings - so I'm not sure why there are there.  But they hang around the high school, and I lived right by the high school so got to hear their songs most of the year.

Anyway, I take the open water and active birds as a sign that spring is around the corner.  Apparently we are going to have one last snow storm this week so if we can just get through that maybe sun and warmer weather will be here to stay.

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