Monday, April 15, 2013

Day 99. Hungry Seagulls.

With the inches of fresh snow that fell after the prior period of snow-free, spring weather the birds are hungry.  There is a farmer with land right next to our office where we discard our feed samples after testing.  It was a fun sight to see hundreds of seagulls descend on that feed pile. 

I first noticed the birds and the feed on Friday, at which point the feed pile had to be three or four feet high.  Today all that was left was a small pile, perhaps a foot high.  I can't be sure that the farmer didn't disperse some of the feed to his cattle over the weekend, but if not, boy can those birds eat!

(After my long week out of the office, I was in quite a hurry to get home Friday night, so did not take the time for a picture until this morning.  But I still think I got a pretty good photo.)

The feed is dried distillers grain, basically corn remaining after fermentation of the sugars to ethanol.  Yummy!

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