Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 104. Going to China.

Excitement in my life.  My husband has been working as part of a team implementing new products at a China facility and he has been hearing for the past six months that he might need to go to China.  But he didn't really want to go all that badly, so kind of delicately avoided requests until now.  He knew late last week that he would be going to China soon.

Also this past week I was debating about how I was going to use three days of vacation that are 'use or lose' by June 30th because, poor me, my husband is going to China and then the Boundary Waters with his dad, so he won't have vacation time for me.

But then my husband commented that he was due to travel to China on Memorial Day weekend - wait - what?  Can it get any first world sadder for Julee?  (Just kidding, I am actually tougher than that.)  But then my brain kicked into gear and remembered my trip to Germany. 

You just buy a plane ticket and get on a plane and go.. anywhere.  Easy peasy.

Plus Memorial Day is a work holiday, so I would only have to use one floating holiday and my three 'must use' vacation days to have the whole week off.  Holy catfish what if I go to China too?

And now I have plane tickets. 

So, with all that drama so far this week I am cheating and posting pictures from my trip to the botanical gardens in St. Louis last summer where they had a chinese lantern exhibit at night.  It was awesome. 

And real life China will be awesome too. 

Now I just have to apply for my visa and get my shots ;)

(The third picture with the white dragon is my favorite picture out of all the pictures I have ever taken.)

See on.

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