Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 101. Big Moose.

Our world has been full of heaviness this week.  The seriousness that can be life was all too clear, and even those of us far removed from Texas and Massachusettes found ourselves sadder and more reflective.

In South Dakota and Minnesota we experienced yet another impressive winter storm.  Cold and wind and snow arrived back with a fury.  The snow had been gone.  It was gone, gone, gone just a week ago and we had started looking forward to spring.

But spring wasn't in the cards yet.

Despite the rotten weather, the sun finally showed up again yesterday afternoon and my husband and I drove around just to enjoy the sun.  (It was below 30 degrees here, so too darn cold to take a walk.  But a drive worked to raise our sprits.)

And on our drive we found this awesome wooden moose.

What a wonderful thing.  When I saw it I couldn't help but smile.  For my photo I wanted to show how large it was, so included the roof of the garage in the shot.  I know the picture is busy, with a number of distractions, but frankly to me that increased the fun factor of the scene, especially the tiny santa.  (Or at least Santa appears tiny compared to the moose.)

On our drive we also got to see some pretty amazing drifts.  It was impossible for me to believe that all this snow had fallen in less than a week - in mid April. 

See on.

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