Thursday, December 26, 2013


What better to do on the evening after Christmas but play with new toys?  My new toy is a Lensbaby Fisheye lens.  Cool!  Another new perspective to figure out.

I took the easy route this first day and shot my Christmas tree and some Lego minifigures.  (I have the nicest nephews.  They gave me one of the 'girl scientists' Lego minifigures that they received for Christmas - I was touched.  So I have to create a thank you with all my other minifigures welcoming her into the group.)

I'll have to work on my focusing a little bit, I was off just a touch with the Legos - and the whiteboard that is behind the minifigures did not go forward quite far enough - off to the right there is a bit of wrong space.  (But I spent 90 minutes working on the setup, enough for one evening.  Ellie cat interrupted a couple of times, once jumping and landing in the middle of my minifigures.  Incoming Godzilla!  And then the minifigures scattered. Too bad I missed that photo.)

I hope you had something fun to play with this evening too.

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