Friday, December 20, 2013

Meet my Troll.

I read a blog recently that had several suggestions on small things a photographer could do every day.  One suggestion involved having a small item, that would be carried about all the time, and could be photographed daily.

I tried the daily photograph thing and there are just some days where there is literally no time - and on those days my brain doesn't feel anything positive just because I shoot any photo.  For me, I find that I enjoy the process of trying to photograph a scene or subject that interests me.  That doesn't mean they're all good, and some are downright bad, but for me I decided the daily photo was something I was not going to aim for.

That said, I loved the idea of having something along with me that might inspire me at times I wouldn't normally be inspired.  What to choose?

I have lots of Lego minifigures but those seem too small.  I wandered around toy aisles and saw lots of cute figures - like Monster's Inc or Toy Story characters - but I don't have any kids so how long would they really interest me.  The one evening I glanced next to my TV and realized I had the perfect characters already at home.

Trolls.  (I have two, but I'm going to work with my favorite one first.  His hair is a bit wild so we'll see how he does getting carried about in a backpack, but if he starts looking worn I have an all wooden troll too.  He also has quite a long nose, although you can't necessarily tell from this photo.  But his information card said he's unbreakable so hopefully the nose will be fine.  If it breaks, I'll glue it back on and it'll be okay.)

First stop was my Christmas tree.

He doesn't have a name yet, but what do you think?  Cute and original is what I was going for.

Merry Christmas.

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