Friday, December 6, 2013

Redlin Art Center campus, a bit of hometown beauty.

Today I visited the campus of the Redlin Art Center.  Terry Redlin is a local artist whose paintings have beautiful highlights of light and often rural Americana.  Last winter there were holiday lights on the trees around the museum, and I was looking forward to photographing those lights, but it appears this year the lights weren't put up. 
But despite the -5 degree temperature, I hopped out of my car for a few minutes of shooting anyway.  The lights on the bridge and the lights around the museum are quite pretty at twilight.

I liked the shot below because you could see the moon.  (The moon wasn't quite bright or low enough to be truly spectacular, but hey, I liked it.)

I am not sure what the weekend will hold photographically.  The below zero temperatures are supposed to remain until Sunday when we get some snow.  Maybe I'll brave the cold or maybe I'll aim for shooting something interesting on my dining room table/photo studio.  (Thank you accommodating husband who is happy eating at the coffee table - I'll put my 'studio' away come spring.)

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