Friday, June 21, 2013

Post 128. Leaving New Orleans.

I finished working so I came to the airport early. No luck getting an earlier flight, but I actually find airports oddly relaxing.

(Odd for someone who fears flying as much as I do.)

But I suppose it is relaxing because when at the airport my only purpose is to get on an airplane. I don't work or check work email. I watch people, I surf the net, I read, I play games on my iPad. (My current addiction is Candy Crush Saga. Fun awesome.)

Plus for long layovers I will get a bite to eat or maybe treat myself to a Starbucks.  Basically I just let myself have fun.

So today i am playing and waiting.  There is a chance of storms where I am heading, but hopefully they'll hold off until I get home.

So here are my photos for today, a neat sculpture at the airport and me with my feet up.  (This airport actually has these metals things in front of the seats precisely for putting your feet up. Brilliant!)

See on.

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