Sunday, June 30, 2013

Post 129. Windy.

Apologies for being absent, my travels to Texas left me with a wicked summer cold so I was down and out pretty much all last week.  But I'm almost back to normal, and since my travel camera got dunked in a Boundary Waters lake twice, I am now sporting a new camera, a fun Nikon V1, and had to get out and play with it.

As I was flying home from Texas, my home was experiencing lots of storms.  (Needless to say I wasn't overly thrilled at getting into airplanes knowing I was flying into the storms - but I have moderate faith that if the flight doesn't get cancelled it'll land somewhere - and I really wanted to get home even if it was midnight on Friday night.)

And indeed there were storms.  The straight-line winds were so strong that my husband said they spent an hour in the tornado shelter at work. 

So today I ran out an photographed some of the damage.

(There was one photo that remained untaken.  The bugs, these weird long, skinny, bent bugs were in the grass by the thousands.  I braved them a couple times, but on the drive home as I saw this neat arrangements of three or four very large trees, all pulled up from their roots, lying on their sides all in a row.  But when we pulled over on the grass the millions of bugs came up out of the grass, I just couldn't make myself get out - and I would have had to walk maybe 1/10 of a mile into a golf course.)

But I had fun getting the shots I got.  The bent billboard is my favorite.  That was some wind!

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