Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bald Eagle. From a distance.

It was a busy weekend at my house.  My husband and I visited Sioux Falls both Saturday and Sunday, seeing family and taking a visitor from India skiing and tubing.  (My husband took care of hosting the skiing part, after Terry Peak a few weekends back, I was done skiing for the year.)

But I had heard a news story that around twenty bald eagles were making Sioux Falls their home for a few weeks as the weather warmed and the river melted.  So, it's probably needless to say, but my eyes were glued to the skies over Sioux Falls as we drove around.

And luck came my way, I got to see one.  (I've seen a few in my life, and I probably have a few pictures from eagles in Alaska, but this was my first successful photo capturing an eagle near home.)  So it was exciting to me.

My longest telephoto is 300 mm, which was not really long enough to get me any great shots.  But nevertheless you can tell it's an eagle - and that had to be good enough for today.  (I peruse the 400 and 500mm lenses on regularly, but am just not ready to spend the money.)

One note, don't try to zoom on these photos too much, I struggled to get the focus just right and the poor bird is never terribly sharp.  But I had this guy in my sights for about a minute, so there was not a lot of time for improving my technique.  Live and learn.

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