Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thawing pond.

So I went out this afternoon with the intent of capturing a photo for a most complex DPChallenge event yet.  You were supposed to choose three camera techniques from a list of about ten, things like blur, bokeh, centered composition, deep depth of field, high key, leading lines, rule of thirds, tilt, etc., then capture your photo.

I thought there was a whole 24 hours left on the challenge, and it took until today for me to plan a shot.

Long story short, the deadline was yesterday.

I was aiming to capture a photo that would have been titled "High Key, Rule of Thirds, Tilted Angle".  (Titled as such because you had to title your photo the three techniques used in alphabetical order.)

And since I missed the deadline I changed my photo to a watercolor.  Because I like it better that way.

Okay, so there are two versions of my "Thawing Pond" that I had to post.  In the first photo I lightened the shadows just a bit in Photoshop and got much deeper blues.  In the second photo, the original capture with a watercolor filter, the colors are more muted.  I liked the more muted photo myself, but the richer colors of the top photo are quite lovely so I asked my husband's opinion.  He likes the top photo better.

This next photo was my second attempt at that complicated challenge.  The high key came out better, and I liked the moon in the background, but the focus isn't great.  Still one good shot from the day counts as success.

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