Wednesday, March 5, 2014


We have warmer weather in our sights.  If we can all hold on a few more days, relief for our frozen fingers and toes should be coming.

But that warmth is not quite here.  And yet DPChallenge had a 'vehicle' challenge that I really wanted to submit to.  (I had no great ideas, but it had been more than a week since my last entry and well, how hard could photographing a vehicle be?)  So I was determined to battle the cold one last time to capture at least one photograph of a vehicle.

Ideas churned in my brain for a few days and I decided I wanted to pull out one of my Lego vehicles and see what I could make with it.  That idea ended with me laying in the road in front of our house for about 45 minutes while I photographed a tiny car that held a person and a surf board.

I tried lots of angles and both sides of the street - and in the end I thought I did a pretty good job.  Despite wet and dirty clothing and probably some neighbors who now think I'm a bit odd, I also sure had a lot of fun.
I dubbed this photo 'Ready to Surf'.  I was aiming for a bit of humor as the street is covered in snow, and it'll take quite the drive to have a successful surf.  

See on, even when you have to make your own sights.

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