Sunday, March 2, 2014

Painting the neighborhood.

The shocking cold continues.  Plus our washing machine quit this morning and what I thought was a hard water issue, might actually be frozen pipes.  So the day is not ending on the happiest of notes.

But the sun came out and before the determination of the true nature of our home troubles, I made it outside for a few photos.  I have been enjoying a couple of the trees nearby, trees that have kept their golden leaves over the winter, and I figured they would make for a quick and easy photo.  However it was a chance click of the shutter down the side street that led to my photo of the day.

Below is the tree that I've been enjoying all winter - but I transferred it to monochrome since the picture was not all that grand in color.  But I think it looks pretty cool in black and white.

Stay warm and See on!

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