Friday, March 7, 2014

Rule of three.

The work week was finally over and my husband was heading out for some kite skiing after work.  This left me free to look for some photographs.

DPChallenge has some interesting challenges right now, all having something to do with the number 3, three equivalently strong subjects, 3 primary colors, 3 camera techniques.  (The rule of three, where you have three equally strong subjects, is one of my favorite photographic compositions.)  So today's goal was three subjects.  I noticed the windmill farm as I drove home, fabulous subjects, but after more than an hour driving around to several locations, and walking around in some bitterly cold wind trying to find a shot I could frame just right, I came away with just one decent shot.  (At one point I had driven on a road so rural that I ran into a snow drift my car wouldn't have made it through - so I parked and walked - brrrr - then there was no shot - bummer.)

But then as I finally made it home to Watertown I wondered what our local art museum might have.  (It has a lovely outdoor area, and some nice trees.)  I found one set of trees I liked and two shots later I had it...

Here was my best windmill shot.  It was a lovely sky today, but I just didn't find the perfect angle or location to get three well-spaced windmills.

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