Sunday, November 18, 2012

A 365 challenge begins.

I am a scientist.  I thrive on understanding how things work and on how changes affect processes and results.  In my daily work, I deal with lots of numbers, and statistics, and math, and life can feel pretty gray sometimes. 

I've found I love photos.  I take lots of pictures, although am just in the beginning stages of learning concepts like 'exposure' and 'balance'.  Auto mode on my camera has been my friend.  But my daily journeys to National Geographic Picture of the day, and, are leading me to want to expand my skills and create beautiful pictures.

So my goal for the next 365 days, is to take a picture a day showing something about life that is bright, or unique, something that reminds me life is interesting, beautiful, exciting, and vivid.   

St. Louis Botanical Gardens

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