Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 5. Shadow on glass.

I drove around town for a bit yesterday looking for inspiration.  I drove by the hospital, which is right on a huge hill with a great landscape view, but I was kind of feeling like finding neat architecture, so was looking at the hospital instead of the valley below.

Low and behold, a series of beautiful stained glass windows surrounded the hospital chapel.  Plus, with the late day sun there was a neat shadow falling on one of the windows.

My picture does not do the window justice.  In brighter, more direct sun, the colors of the glass could probably be more vibrant.  I'll have to visit this spot more often to see what different kinds of pictures I can get.  A picture of several of the stained glass windows in a row could be neat.  I also could use a step stool so this shot could be right on rather than at a slight upward angle.  (But it was cold, I'd been out for about a half hour, and my hands were starting to hurt.  So I rushed a little.)

But I guess I was content enough that my eye found something neat, even if I didn't capture a fabulous shot.  (And I played a bit in Photoshop, but wasn't able to make any major improvements, so shot as taken is posted.)

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