Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 7. Waiting for snow.

It's the end of November, and yet measurable snow has yet to find its way to us.  However, I found snowblowers, all in a row, like soldiers standing at attention, patiently waiting for their chance to shine.

(Finding this bit of gorgeous yellow, like liquid gold, gleaming and new, certainly brightened my day.  For a few brief minutes I forgot all about the piles of data analysis work stacked high on my desk.)

I couldn't decide which picture I liked better, so figured I'd post them both.  The head on shot gave me the brightest yellow, and the least disruptive background, but their steely toughness comes across better from an angle.


I figured a year from now I will recognize which one is the better picture.  (Or my Photoshop skills will have improved enough that I can get rid of the background I don't want, and create the picture I want despite interferences.) 

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."  Confusious.

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