Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 3. Dusk.

Darn this season of short days.  I had not anticipated how challenging it would be to find time to create a picture when there was so little sun.  (And we've got a whole two months left of short days, oh dear.)  I guess it is time for me to browse the internet looking at neat indoor pictures and then my goal could be to work recreating some favorite images that I find.

But I was able to escape from work a bit early yesterday and to get to the Redlin Art Center right at dusk.  Terry Redlin made beautiful paintings, and in the town where I live there is a gorgeous campus surrounding his museum.

I took lots of pictures from various angles, but there was this neat bridge that really caught my eye.  Below is my favorite from the shots I got.  (My husband liked it best too.  Although possibly that says more about our combined inability to identify a good photo than it says about my ability to take a skillful picture.)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  (I'm axiously awaiting seeing the Punkin Chunkin championships.)

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