Sunday, January 5, 2014

Deep snow. And another tree.

It was doggone cold yesterday.  I drove around town and ended up at the entrance to some sort of state hunting area.  (Who knew such a thing existed?)  I parked my car like a sign directed and got out - I was curious.  This hunting area started at an edge of Pelican Lake, and I thought maybe I could walk out towards the lake and find an interesting photo.

But right after getting out I noticed that the fence right in front of me was interesting, and the lock too.  (My lock photo would have been better if only I had gotten the locks more in focus - it was taken with my Lensbaby Sweet 35, and it's hard to tell where the focus spot is.  I didn't ever get it quite right.)  But as I took a few steps towards the fence trying to frame that perfect shot of the fence, I sunk into knee deep snow and I realized I wouldn't be going very far.

So I left that area and figured I would travel towards Lake Kampeska where my husband was once again kite skiing.  I was sidetracked by this cool looking tree.  (Top tree photo taken with a regular 16-85 mm lens, the second tree photo taken with a Lensbaby Sweet 35.)

After leaving the tree I was slowed down by icy, icy roads all around the lake.  (I missed what would have been an awesome shot of about ten sparrows all in a row, huddled along a beam on a mint green, paint peeling, rundown garage door because I couldn't get the lens cap off my camera and there was a car coming up behind me so I figured I'd better pay attention to the road and the ice.  But a cool photo of the scene was registered by my brain.)  By the time I got to my husband he was packing up. 

And it was pretty cold anyhow so I was ready to head home.

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