Saturday, January 4, 2014

The freeze intensifies.

This winter has had more ups and downs, with some extra special downs, than most recent winters, at least from what I can remember.  We typically get one horrendous cold snap, but this year the cold misery started earlier and the worst is yet to come.

But in the brief moments of sun I try to get myself outside.  Yesterday I spent the last hour of daylight photographing at Lake Kampeska.  (I hauled out my Lensbabys because they almost always guarantee me something I will find interesting even when working quickly.  I was out for less than an hour and despite wearing two hats, long johns, boots, and mittens my hands still hurt with cold by the end.)

Both of my favorite shots were taken with my fisheye lens.  To capture likable photos with this lens I am finding that I either need one large item that can fill the 12mm view, or I need to have something I want to 'bend' at one of the edges.

In this second photo I hope you can feel the cold and desolation of the lake.  (And yes, that's a truck on the lake.  My husband and a friend were just finishing up kite skiing and his friend was loading up his gear right on the lake.  I'm kicking myself for not capturing photos of them with their kites side-by-side early on.  But I guess I learn when I realize I missed what could have been a neat photo.)  Typically this time of year the lake is full of ice houses with guys ice fishing, but the weather has been so hideous that they're just not out yet this year.

I am about to run outside before temperatures drop to below zero again.  We are due for wind chills nearing -50 over the next two and a half days - so this is probably my last chance to be outdoors for a bit.

See on - seeing whatever you can while warm from your couch or the mall!

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