Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Indoor Macro.

DPChallenge had an indoor macro challenge this week.  I played around with some beads I had, but wasn't quite satisfied.  My goal, of course, was to try again after reviewing the initial photographs, but I never got back downstairs to shoot more.

I have a fair amount of trouble getting the focus right in regular situations, but it turns out that it is even trickier to get the focus right with close up shots.  I shot about thirty photos with each of the setups below, playing with decreasing my aperture to get more of depth of field, but I just never got it quite right. 

So instead of posting in the challenge, here are my favorites of the shots I did get.  (I'll blame my lack of submitting to the challenge on the bad weather.  It's horrendous here with strong winds and just enough snow to make the roads slick with ice.  I was so distracted by the bad weather that I actually just forgot to login and upload a photograph.) 

Boo to winter weather and icy roads!

Here are my lovely images...


(I seem to have some mental defect where I love over exposed photos.  I get that all the white doesn't make a fabulous photograph, but something in my brain really enjoys the brightness.)


Next up?  Probably more winter photographs - those are a plenty these days.

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