Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 84. Fix in the bathroom.

Our upstairs bathroom sink started dripping about two weeks ago. So it was the perfect opportunity to replace the cracked sink at the same time as the faucet.

(My husband bought this 102 year old house seven years ago, a year before we met. The house came with the cracked sink but my husband had visions of remodeling the whole bathroom and so never saw value in just replacing the vanity top.)

But since the vanity top was not even glued down, I figured it was a simple matter of lifting out the old sink and faucet and setting in a new one.

I should have known from replacing a faucet on my own several years ago, that it wouldn't go smoothly, especially with old plumbing.

One of the water shutoff valves leaked so we needed to replace those as well.  But the copper pipe was not in round and for the life of us we could not get the new compression fittings to fit on the pipe.

By this time it is 6:30 pm, the roast I made for dinner is more than ready, and we have no water to the house. Fabulous.

Third trip to Menard's.  But a knowledgeable Menards employee showed my husband something called an easy fit compression fitting.  It has got wiggle room for fitting imperfect pipes yet still seals completely. And they totally worked. Thirty minutes later the whole project was done. Thanks Menards.

Cheers to my husband who did all the work. 

So there was no time for fancy photos on Saturday, but I shot the bathroom project in progress and at completion.

It was truly a wonderful sight to see our bathroom sink uncracked and shiny new.

See on.

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