Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 88. Old Paint.

I need to start carrying around a notebook where I keep notes on photo ideas.  It is obvious that I have a preference for the outdoors, things like landscapes and buildings, yet I know there is so much else to photograph.  I look at other photography sites and see more pictures of people and food and just more variety of everyday items than what I photograph.

Part of my reluctance to venture into other categories probably stems from the few times I have tried and really failed quite spectacularly.  My attempt to photograph glitter in oil stands out as quite possibly my worst photo ever. 

I think I struggle primarily with lighting and backgrounds, plus I have not splurged on a fancy macro lense yet.  I guess I did have one success photography my cats on some fabric, so it's not hopeless.  But I suspect as springs arrives I will be drawn even more to the outdoors as flowers and bugs and birds return.

So here is my question - how do I entice myself to occasionally venture outside of my comfort zone and photograph things that my brain doesn't think of as immediately inspirational photography? 

Today was not outside my comfort zone.  But I found some wonderfully colorful, fabulously textured, outdoor objects.

Old fashioned fire hydrant. 

Old fashioned lamp post.


I'm loving them!

See on.

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