Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 89. Signs in Brick.

I just can't help myself, I love buildings.  A few weeks back I noticed a neat '1910' engraved in brick.  Then Sunday as I was walking around I noticed several other buildings that had interesting inscriptions in the brick of the building.

None of the buildings today has anything left that relates to its original purpose, but how great, the sign is there as long as the building stands.

Wolf.  I suppose it was someone's name.  But I'm a big fan of northern Minnesota where they have wolves, so I thought the sign was great.

I was drawn to this sign because of Stephen King's book "11/22/63", the book about the JFK assassination.  When the main character first goes back in time I believe he goes back to a fruit company.  And Watertown had a fruit company.  Cool.  The book allowed me to create a picture in my mind of what this building might have been like in its heyday.

After finding the other two buildings I kind of lost interest in this sign.  But since it was the original inspiration for finding the other buildings, I figured it deserved to be posted.

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