Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 76. Watertown Church.

It was a pleasant March Saturday in South Dakota today.  Although the brief respite from despair inducing weather will end tomorrow as our 4th or 5th blizzard of the year starts up.  But probably a storm could lead to neat photos, so I'll try to look on the bright side.

Today was a great photo day.  I was driving by a local church, a church I've driven by every morning on my way to work, some days on the drive home, and a variety of other times since it is right off one of one of the main roads, when a gloriously tall bell caught my eye.

After I got out of my car to begin photographing I noticed a fabulous steeple (I think that is what it is called?) and beautiful stained glass. 

What a day!  The sun and clouds aligned perfectly during one of my steeple shots.  It was as if the heavens themselves opened up.  I may not actually be a great photographer yet, but I thought the shot below was a great catch.  I suppose had I been able to get an angle where the cross was more clearly visible would have made it even better.  I moved around and captured a variety of angles, but the sun did not show up as nicely in any of the other shots.

I was a bit disappointed with my stained glass shots.  I think I got flustered by the pastor who came out and chatted a bit.  (He invited me inside, but I was shooting photos in my gym shorts having come right from working out, so it just seemed wrong to wander around a church in shorts in the winter.)  So I suppose I rushed through the last of my shots.  I'll have to try again when I'm dressed more appropriately.  Maybe the inside of the church is even more incredible.

Color and beauty and sun.  I couldn't help but smile as I took the photographs.  Surely the sign of a successful day. 

See on.

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