Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 75. Frosty.

There are a few truly beautiful days each winter when we wake up to frost covered trees and bushes.  Everything is covered in a sheen of white.  Usually the frost disappears shortly after the sun comes up, and usually on workdays I miss the photo opportunity. 

But today I got lucky.  As I peered out the window before lunch, I noticed the trees were still all white.  Wahoo!  So out I went with my camera.

The local convention center had some smallish trees, so I thought I would try and create something neat with them.  Then I shot branches and branches and branches.  (None of the photos of branches turned out post worthy.  My eye apparently just could not figure out the right view to capture what I thought was pretty about the branches.)

But I liked my photo of a whole tree.

 I also liked this group of wheat.  (Is it wheat?  I'm not sure.)

Here is some grass, what's left of it, with some nice frost.

And in case you're curious about my less than steller branch photos, here you go.  The first branch has a super nice, out-of-focus part right in front, and the second picture is just a little boring.  (And now go back and look again at the better photos up top.  Thanks!)

See on.

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