Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 69. Cross Country Skiing.

We are having two days of beautiful weather, with temperatures in the mid to high twenties, very little wind, and mostly sunny skies.  To enjoy this brief respite from the misery that is South Dakota in the winter, my husband and I went out to cross-country ski. 

My husband, Jason, led me through this excellent little trail, right in Watertown, SD.  It took us down a river, through some woods, across a pond, and ending at the bottom of a local sledding hill.  (Jason continued on, skiing up the sledding hill so he could ski wildly down said hill, but since I only do little hills on cross-country skiis, I sat that part out.)

But it was a great, great day.  I only crashed once, falling on the side that I wasn't carrying my camera on.  Whew!  (Next purchase should probably be a backpack for my camera, I was a tad nervous but really wanted to be able to take pictures while we were out.  A backpack would probably be safer for my camera since I'm not terribly graceful and am known for falling down.)


Ski (and see) on.

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