Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 65. Blowing snow.

Every year, for at least two weeks, grayness takes over and stalls out in the skies above us.  For me, and many others I think, this is a painful time of year.  Winter blues are definitely real, and boy does it get tough to remain bright and cheery when weeks go by without seeing the sun.

(At least I was blessed with a week in Florida two weeks ago where I was able to see the sun and enjoy moderate temperatures, but apparently the happy effects from sun disappear quickly.  I have a happy light at work, and I think it's time to start using it again.)  The weatherman said we will see sun this week, so fingers crossed.  And at least the temperatures are actually quite comfortable, in the twenties for the most part. 

Here are a couple of photos of the blowing snow that I captured today.  The blizzard warning continues on, and with a foot of snow, no plows out, and closed interstates, I worked from safety from home.  This meant the glorious freedom to take a short walk and get some photos over the noon hour. 

There is a elementary school, now used to pre-school only I believe, half a block from my house.  When the wind would blow, it created an interesting pattern off the roof.  I took a whole series of photos, and none really captures the blowing snow exactly like I was seeing it, but this was the closest shot.  Plus the overhanging snow is neat.

This is one of the many icicles hanging off our house.  Photo taken right from the back porch.  I like that you can see the fine snow flakes that were blowing around at the time I took the picture.

See on.

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