Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 68. Happy Valentine.

As I got home from work yesterday, a shocking scene greeted me - a cleaned off dining room table with just a Valentine's day gift and card for me sitting all pretty in the center.   The shocking part was the dining room table sans stuff.  Most of the year our table holds all manner of bills, miscellaneous mail advertisements, magazines, stuff I unpack after traveling but aren't sure what to do with, stuff for an upcoming travel that I'm not quite ready to pack, gifts for that birthday a month from now, you get the idea.  It's our junk drawer. 

Plus the cats like to walk on it, which rightly appalls those with good judgement, and which means I don't really want to eat on it since it needs a good cleaning and disinfecting first.  But we like having dinner in the basement, so really what's the harm?  (And we do clean very VERY thoroughly for the one or two meals a year we do actually have at the table.)  

Back to Valentine's day.  My husband wasn't home from work yet, but it was a nice surprise to see a gift from my sweetie waiting for me.  I had just come from the grocery store where there was a line of ten or eleven guys picking up last minute flowers.  My guy planned ahead.  Kudos to him.

Here was what greeted me:

I wasn't particularly happy with any of the shots I got. (Gift was great, I just didn't manage to photograph it well.)  
I should have setup my tripod, but instead I just took a bunch of shots from a variety of angles then messed around with filter effects in photoshop, hence the kind of weird look.  But I wanted to post something to give my husband credit for a great Valentine's Day.  (He got me a beautiful ring, totally awesome.  I got him a ten pack of socks and the movie, Skyfall, but the Blue Ray, DVD, bonus pack version - cause I love him - he's worth the extra $5.   Plus the way he keeps wearing holey socks, that pack of socks will last as long as my ring.) 
It's true love.
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