Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 86. More ice.

It has been a rough winter here in northern South Dakota.  We have a lot of snow.  Just 90 miles south the snow is all gone, and even 45 miles south there is a mere couple of inches of snow left.  But in Watertown, we apparently are just lucky, we have been cold enough to keep nearly all the snow that has fallen in frozen form. 

Oh lucky, lucky us.

But the snow and ice do offer up some fun photo opportunities.  And I know the snow will be good for the farmers, so after a year of drought I really am grateful we had snow.

Here is a picture of a branch in our yard.  We have actually had a few moments of beginning melting during which I tried to capture a picture of falling drops.  I shot and shot and shot and  shot, but the mid-air droplet eluded me.

Below is the fence in a school yard about a block from my house. I thought the pattern and color was interesting, and that the ice added a special something.

Surely any day now the melting will start in full force.  Then colorful spring flowers, sun, and bugs will awaken and be awaiting my camera.

See on.

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